“If you do not see the security – it does not mean that there is none there,” – with this phrase the founder of the strategic alliance “Rodiyar” Nikolai Vasilievich Bolotskiy began his speech at the meeting of the closed security experts club “Spectrum” on December 6, 2019.⠀

Indeed, security in the broadest sense is a unit whose work we hardly see. However, if it is inexistent, or if the specialists do not cope with their duties, everybody notices it at once.⠀

In our area, it is not common to disseminate internal information about how many emergency cases were prevented by physical protection alone. The most successful cases are based on the coordinated work of managers and performers.⠀

Nikolai Vasilievich told a very instructive story about how the launch team of the alliance had to handle a matter of days the group of telephone terrorists and save the tenants of the central shopping center in St. Petersburg from huge losses that could occur in case of daily evacuation of visitors.⠀

This case gave an impulse to a strategic revolution in our work. We began to modify the approach to facilities security tasks, directed maximum energy to reduce risks and costs, and increase the efficiency of our units.⠀

We turned the obsolete form of a private security company into the modern security agency. And we are constantly evolving to stay ahead of customer needs.⠀

That is why we are one of the first to integrate into work at sites the innovational Security bot. And we suggest you test it at your facilities.

It is worth noting that Securitybot, which appeared at a meeting of the closed club “Spectrum,” did not leave anyone indifferent. If you are not familiar with our charming assistant – call us, we will arrange a meeting and a demonstration of its capabilities in your situations.

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