Doing business is a daily intellectual game “What? Where? When?”

To have up-to-date information means to have protected rear areas and minimize risks. However, maintaining a huge staff of security professionals to carry out one-time assignments is often unreasonably expensive. And hiring cheap incompetent workers is too dangerous. In this case, experienced professionals of the Strategic Alliance “Rodiyar” come to the rescue.

We offer you professional advice in the following areas:

  • Projects and security facilities audit

An independent security audit is the best way to identify weaknesses in the security system of your business. Therefore, we recommend starting our relationship with him. In the course of studying the working conditions of the facility, our experts assess all identified risks and draw up a program to eliminate them and prevent undesirable consequences. Regardless of who you work with in the field of security, only an independent expert examination will be able to give a 100% objective assessment of the security level and offer recommendations for its optimization. The Strategic Alliance “Rodiyar” conducts both a comprehensive security audit and verification in certain areas. The main objectives of an organization’s security review are:

  • Obtaining an objective assessment of the current state of protection of the client from unauthorized access by third parties;
  • Prevention of problems with government bodies;
  • Psychological testing of security personnel, assessment of their preparedness for unusual situations;
  • Checking information networks for vulnerability;
  • Prevention of information leaks;
  • Preparation of recommendations to address identified deficiencies and improve security in general.
  • Preparation of asset certificates
  • Reliability check of counterparties

Reliability check of counterparties is confidence in the transparency of the transaction, in the results of joint activities and that your organization will not be an accidental link in the chain of dubious transactions or operations to launder proceeds from crime. In knowledge is power. Request a review of potential partners and be calm about your reputation with customers, contractors, supervisors and banks.

In addition, we share our experience and knowledge in the following areas:

  • Security
  • Accounting
  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Staff recruitment and training

Do you have questions? Ask them to us! We will help you find the best solution to any problem in your business.


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