The Strategic Alliance Rodiyar offers a full range of professional services in the area of safety and security provision. We cooperate successfully with internal affairs authorities and other law enforcement agencies. Our administrative resources help us solve tasks of any level of difficulty and specificity.

We solve the problems of business safety, material and information valuables protection, peace keeping on the premises of an organisation. Our partners are always well protected by our highly qualified security staff.

A perfect combination of our employees’ professionalism and modern technologies guarantee maximum protection.

The Strategic Alliance “Rodiyar” pays special attention to working with personnel. When interviewing candidates the human resources department verifies professional levels, knowledge, personal qualities of future members of the staff. We are absolutely sure that only workers of high qualification can provide high quality service!

Independent audit in the area of security is the best way to reveal sore sports in the security system of your business. That is why we recommend this measure as the start of our cooperation. Our specialists evaluate all the risks revealed and develop a troubleshooting program while they study the work conditions of a facility. It doesn’t matter what company provides you with security services as only independent expert evaluation can give you 100% impersonal estimation of the security level and offer recommendations on its optimisation.

The Strategic Alliance “Rodiyar” offers both complex security audit services and specific areas verification services. The main goals for expert evaluation of a company’s security level are the following:

  • Impersonal estimation of the current clients protection from undesirable third parties access;
  • Prevention of possible problems with authorities;
  • Psychological testing of security staff, examination of their readiness to react in emergency situations;
  • Fire security audit;
  • Information systems test for sore sports;
  • Information leaks prevention;
  • Development of recommendations on troubleshooting and general security level raising.

Physical security

Physical security services are performed by professionals with special trainings and all necessary skills. The Strategic Alliance “Rodiyar” provides the following:

  • Physical security of facilities (trade centres, retail facilities, warehouses, banks, offices, building sites, production facilities and residential complexes, etc) includes pass offices, patrolling, material valuables and people protection on the safeguarded territory;
  • Personal security;
  • Safety provision during public events.

Technical security means

The Strategic Alliance “Rodiyar” possesses all the necessary licenses and certificates for planning and installation of security means and equipment.

In the sphere of technical security and safety provision the Strategic Alliance “Rodiyar” offers the following:

  • Technical security equipment engineering;
  • CCTV installation;
  • Installation of intruder detection and alarm systems;
  • Installation of access control systems;
  • Installation of theftproof alarm systems;
  • Security equipment service and technical support.

Security monitoring service

Security monitoring service is a cost efficient way to protect commercial and residential facilities.

Depending on the aims the whole facility or its parts can be monitored. The complexity of security monitoring equipment depends on a facility and risk evaluation.

In cases an alarm signal is received the following plan is being implemented:

  • Emergency response team set-off;
  • Trespasser arrest and their handover to the law enforcement agencies;
  • Reporting the situation to the client;
  • Keeping the crime scene and crime traces untouched until police arrive.

The system of professional psychological selection of employees

Each manager wants to know what are the right intentions and real capabilities of employees.

In order to exclude people with hidden mental deviations, addictions, criminal connections, as well as to maximize the potential of each team member, there are effective methods for checking and providing psychological support of employees.

We offer several options for cooperation in this area:

1. Organization support in creating an internal system of the personnel selection and psychological support of activities:

  • research and generation of a list of requirements for company specialists
  • creation of internal regulatory documents for conducting professional psychological screening (hereinafter – PPS) of employees
  • formation of the structure of the internal unit of the organization
  • selection and training of specialists
  • information support of the internal unit PPS (analysis of complex cases, implementation of innovations, control)

2. Psychological assessment of employees:

  • аnalysis and compilation of a general psycho-emotional portrait of a person (the general type of behavioral response, level of intelligence, self-awareness, self-esteem, control, motivation, etc.)
  • conducting surveys with conclusions on the compliance of the internal personal qualities of employees with the requirements for the position

3. Vetting of existing specialists and job seekers with the use of a polygraph (lie detector) to identify violations at the previous or present places of work:

  • alcohol/drug addiction
  • manufacture/distribution of narcotic substances
  • connection with criminal gangs
  • illegal use of weapons
  • violation of the law
  • industrial espionage
  • disclosure of confidential information
  • abuse of authority
  • theft
  • other negative circumstances in working life

4. Profiling – a compilation of a psychological portrait of a person and recommendations for working with the object of study (face-to-face or distance analysis).

5. Training in the fundamentals of professional psychological personnel selection of the organization.

Do you want to be sure that every employee takes his place and works for the good of your business? Contact us – and we will offer you the best developments in the field of professional selection of specialists.


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