Happy Birthday, “Rodiyar”!

Today marks 13 years of our strategic alliance.

For a company that was established in the early 2000s, Rodiyar has maneuvered through different economic periods – a solid age!

Over the years, we have assembled a great team of professionals. Professionalism and high level of service has enabled us to attract a large pool of customers, who have remained loyal to our company since the beginning. We constantly improve and develop, thus helping us to maintain our leading position in the market!

What do we wish our adult company?

Go forward!
Stay in the trend!
Grow professionally in all directions!
And always feel your loyalty, your interest in our activities, your warm feedback from all of our suggestions!

Dear partners, dear customers and clients, stay with us! Because strategic alliance “Rodiyar” always works for you!

Happy Birthday, Team!

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