Why does the Strategic Alliance “Rodiyar” offer a range of services? And what kind of tasks are we ready to take on, accompanied by your business?

To begin with, we will determine the list of areas that you can partially or fully delegate to our specialists:

  • Security (physical, personal, security of mass events)
  • Security equipment (design, installation and maintenance)
  • Overalls (individual tailoring and sale of finished products that comply with labor protection standards)
  • Consulting (audit of projects and security facilities, preparation of asset certificates, verification of counterparties for reliability)

At the very beginning of work with the customer, we get acquainted with the nuances of organizing the internal processes of the company, conduct a full-fledged audit of the direction in order to understand the current state, identify risks and formulate a strategy.

It is much more efficient to delegate business support – and engage in its development, without being distracted by narrow-profile tasks.

And of course, collaborating with one contractor is much easier: you don’t have to sort through dozens of potential performers, explain the goals and essence of the interaction day after day, give up on expectations and redo everything.

It is enough to entrust the back office to a reliable partner once – and enjoy the results.

Some employees may be completely invisible to the director – and work for the benefit of the customer in our territory, saving jobs in your office and the cost of depreciation of equipment, and most importantly – salary fund.

Contact us with any questions and we will free your hardworking hands and bright heads from non-core activities! Engage in business – and we will provide you with a reliable rear!

Your partner the Strategic Alliance “Rodiyar”