Comprehensive list of information protection services:

  • Design of information security systems (including the development of operational documentation, prototyping and testing of the information security system)
  • Supply and implementation of individual means and complex information security systems
  • Protection against network attacks
  • Protection of information constituting a state secret
  • Protection of personal information
  • Protection of information during its processing in critical information systems
  • Audit and study of the security of critical information infrastructure, allowing to ensure compliance with the established rules of its operation
  • Certification of automated systems for compliance with protection requirements information, including personal data and government information systems
  • Consulting and outsourcing
  • Assistance in obtaining FSTEC and FSB licenses

In our work, we use only certified solutions from leading domestic and foreign vendors. This guarantees reliability and allows exact compliance with requirements.
legislation – do not forget that in many cases the use of certified information protection means is imperative.

We cooperate with organizations of any form of ownership: among our customers – largest companies, authorities, state enterprises.