The Strategic Alliance “Rodiyar” offers cleaning services to any premises according to our clients’ demands. We pay a lot of attention to the quality of our staff’s performance and upgrade equipment in time.

Our clients use our service both regularly or on an occasional basis and also for periodic tasks needed several times a year.

List of our services:

  • indoor cleaning;
  • outdoor cleaning, garbage disposition;
  • windows, shop windows and signboards cleaning;
  • odour and stains removal;
  • cushioned furniture and carpeting dry-cleaning;
  • dust and dirt removal;
  • other specialised works.

Full list of cleaning services

Regular complex premises cleaning:

Suitable for offices, shops, trade centres, medical centres, production facilities and warehouses. The service includes:

  • Daily wet cleaning of floors and floor mouldings;
  • Weekly vacuum cleaning;
  • Daily dust removal from furniture, window sills, office equipment;
  • Local contaminations removal;
  • Daily sanitary facilities cleaning;
  • Daily garbage take out;
  • Quarterly windows cleaning;
  • Daily outdoor cleaning including snow removal;
  • Daily garbage

Overall cleaning out:

  • Of offices. Includes dry and wet cleaning of floors, walls, floor mouldings; cushioned furniture, office equipment and interior items cleaning; furniture polishing, garbage take out, detergent cleaning of drains.
  • Of production facilities and warehouses. The list of works is individual.
  • After renovation or building. The list of works is individual.

Outdoor cleaning, garbage disposition:

  • Collection of garbage around bins and dumpster
  • Bins cleaning
  • Transportation of garbage to designated areas
  • Snow removal
  • Bin bags replacement
  • Territory spraying for dust prevention
  • Building elevation cleaning (up to 2 metres)
  • Sidewalks, steps and entrance cleaning
  • Rainwater discharge cleaning
  • Lawn mowing
  • Lawn watering
  • Flowerbeds caring

Windows, shop windows and signboards cleaning:

  • Glass panes cleaning
  • Window frames, sills cleaning, removal of dust and dirt from between the frames
  • Jambs, weatherings and other window elements cleaning,
  • Glass panes chemical cleaning
  • Glass panes chemical polishing

Odour and stains removal:

  • cushioned furniture and carpeting odour removal
  • sanitary facilities odour removal
  • removal of stains from walls, tiles, seams
  • removal of stains from carpets
  • removal of stains from cushioned furniture
  • removal of stains from parquet and floor mouldings
  • removal of stains from laminated flooring

Cushioned furniture and carpeting dry-cleaning:

  • Deep cleaning of cushioned furniture and office chairs
  • Dry cleaning of cushioned furniture and office chairs
  • Dry cleaning of cushioned furniture and office chairs + deep cleaning
  • Deep cleaning of carpeting, fitted carpets, carpet flooring
  • Dry cleaning of carpeting, fitted carpets, carpet flooring
  • Post-maintenance cushioned furniture and office chairs cleaning
  • Post-maintenance carpeting, fitted carpets, carpet flooring cleaning

Dust and dirt removal:

  • Walls cleaning
  • Doors and doorways cleaning
  • Shelves and racks cleaning
  • Furniture and mirrors polishing and dust purging
  • Domestic and office appliances dust purging
  • Ceiling cleaning
  • Chandeliers, bracket lamps, moulding cleaning
  • Curtains, louvres, under-curtains cleaning

Other specialised works:

  • Polishing and crystallisation of flooring
  • Marking and loading service
  • Temporary junior maintenance personnel services
  • Sanitary facilities cleaning
  • Unclogging
  • Heaters cleaning
  • Plenum grids cleaning
  • Floor-washing machine cleaning

Removal of concrete, grout and lime traces.


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