Work clothing, uniforms, safety footwear and PPE production and vending

One of the most important business activities of the Strategic Alliance “Rodiyar” is production and vending of work clothing, uniforms, safety footwear and personal protection equipment. We occupy leading positions on the market in the areas of safety and labour protection. Our knowledge and competence help us provide our customers with all the necessary equipment.

We have our own production facilities and we also cooperate with our partners across the globe what means we can enrich our assortment according to your demands without losing quality and affordable prices.

Individual approach to every client means:

  • Selection of ready-made products according to the demands of customers
  • Recommendations on compliance of work clothing and personal protection equipment with the labour protection rules and norms in any sphere
  • Rational formation of special clothing sets for different seasons
  • Work wear branding
  • Customised work clothing tailoring
  • Transparent system of price formation and discounts
  • Delivery around Russia

Our products are manufactured from high quality materials in compliance with the requirements of all-Union State Standard and Welfare and Safety bill.

We offer the widest assortment of work clothing:

  • seasonal
  • security staff work wear
  • camouflage
  • for services sector
  • for public catering workers
  • medical wear
  • high-visibility clothing
  • moisture-protective
  • acid and alkali resistant
  • for welders and steel workers, etc

You can find the entire selection on our website

You can order customised work clothing tailoring. Our specialists will design exclusive models at your desire and product engineers will make sure the end product meets all technical standards and choose the best materials for further production.


21 Uralskaya str., Moscow 107241
Shchyolkovskaya metro station